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Smart Aspiration system based on Vacuum suction

An Universal System Compatible with Most all Elisa Plate, petri plate, culture flask, tubes etc...

Smart-Vac  is  designed  for  laboratory  Waste  recovery         and separation of liquid and solid quickly. It can be widely  used  in cell  culture,  DNA  extraction,  microplate  waste re-movement, and any other liquid separation or recovery 


•    Vacuum  power  can be  set  to  different  level  to  achieve 1ml/s to 15ml/s aspirating speed.
•    Sensitive   level  sensor  to  prevent  liquid  overflow during operation.
•    The waste bottle,  tubing,  handle  can  be  fully autoclaved.
•    Lid, tubing and handle can be easily disassembled by quick connector when empty the bottle or autoclave.
•    Various adaptors for tube, microplate and disk plate in different application

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