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High Speed Mini Centrifuge

A compact design with elegant look for Research laboratory

The NEB-MINI_15K is a practical, compact and reliable laboratory assistant which the highest speed reach 14,500 rpm. Humanized design, simple and compact appearance, special processing of low noise design create a quiet, comfortable experimental environment for you. Sensitive and efficient speed control, it only takes 15 s to accelerate to the highest speed, and only 15 s to decelerate from the highest speed. In addition, easy-to-operate digital display, easy-to-use operation key, short-spin key, rpm and rcf conversion and other functions make you handy in various experimental stages.


  • Extremely quiet operation and easy-to-follow LCD display

  • Capacity: 12 x 1.5/2.0ml tubes

  • Low sample heating (only 12°C after 30min, at max.speed)

  • Autoclavable rotor (121°C, 20min), and includes standard rotor made of anodized aluminum

  • RPM/RCF setting as required

  • Timer can be set up to 99min

  • The small size of the unit makes it convenient for benchtop use or in a hood or in refrigerated environments

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