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8/96 Channel Liquid Handling Workstation

􀀑For complex􀀒 experimental procedures and precise pipetting operations, Auto-Mate 96 series liquid handling workstation can bring you unlimited imagination. Through the external tablet computer, you can easily set up, save and operate the experimental process. Through the software control, the difference between aspirating and dispensing is truly eliminated which improves the repeatability of pipetting. 

The sim􀀠le 􀀓and easy to operate software system controls the process of loading and unloading tips, aspirating and dispensing liquid, so as to complete complex multi-step experiments. A large amount of repetitive work can be completed in a short time, thereby reducing most of the 
manual pipetting burden, and significantly improving the sample processing speed and repeat­

Small Size and Saving Space
The Auto-Mate 96 with 2 plate positions has a compact structure. It only takes up a very little space on the laboratory table, and is easy to install in the clean bench, safety cabinet, and fume hood so that you can work in narrow spaces. The work can be easily completed by switching the pipetting positions on the mobile table.

Multiple Plate Positions and High Automation
You can choose 2/4 plate positions, or you can customize 3/6 plate positions. The pipetting tips and plate positions can be moved automatically.

Liquid Aspirating & Dispensing Function
Mainly used for liquid transfer between liquid tank, micro-well plate and deep-well plate, sample addition of 96-well plate, sample transfer between 96-well plate and 384-well plate, etc. It is commonly used in processes such as PCR set-up, enzyme-linked immunoassay, cell culture, and purification and preparation of sequencing samples. In addition, the instrument can be equipped with pipetting and mixing, which helps to fully mix the samples and reagents and improve the uniformity of results.

Stepper Pipette
Mainly used in the continuous and equal pipetting of liquids, that is, the process of one aspirating and multiple dispensing. Commonly used in reagent pipetting, reaction solution addition, etc.

Easy to Replace Pipette Tips
Quick replacement of 3 types of pipette tips without assistance

Powerful Software Function
Integrate a variety of pipetting functions: aspirating, dispensing, blowing air, continuous blowing air, column-separated aspiration, stepper pipette, mixing, dilution, reverse aspiration; basic mode, advanced mode; the movement speed can be set: the liquid aspirat­ing and dispensing speed can be set, and the controllable pipetting speed can meet the physical characteristics of different liquids.

Serial Dilution
It is mainly used for the equal-ratio dilution of liquids to realize the regular dilution of liquids between different rows or plates. Commonly used in Elisa reaction, sample dilution and other processes.

Program Linkage
The open software design enables the instrument to realize complex liquid transfer methods between different plates in the form of program linkage.

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