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Refrigerated / Heated Circulating Bath

The series of Refrigerated thermostatic bath has adopted the latest international advanced CFC-free refrigerated on system. The main components used are imported and the performance is  stable and reliable. It is widely  used in research institutes,  universities, corporate quality control departments and industrial sectors relating to petroleum, chemical  engineering, electronic  Instruments, physics, chemistry, bio-engineering, medicine and health, life science, light industry  and food, materials testing  and chemical analysis etc. It is used to put trial samples or newly-made  products to a constant-temperature test. It can also be used as a heat source or cold source for a direct heating or cooling and auxiliary heating  or cooling.


  • Using a 7”TFF touch display, easy to understand working condition

  • Environmental friendly CFC-free refrigeration technology to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

  • Adjustable flow control from 0 to 20 Liter/Min though Analog Control

  • Using high-quality full-enclosed air-cooled compressor cooling system, low noise

  • Full-enclosed air-cooled compressor cooling system with thermal overload protection automatically with a power-off protection function, automatically delayed for three minutes  

  • Easy to operate, can set the temperature quickly with so􀀁 button

  • Intelligent PID automatically adjust control function

  • Upper and lower temperature alarm can be set

  • With over heat alarm system to ensure the safety apparatus

  • Inner high-quality stainless steel material

  • With external circulating pump, can be established the second constant temperature field outside the bath Cold liquid can be cited outside the tank, cooling the experimental container outside the bath  

  • Using analogue theory , automatically identify the difference between set temperature and the ambient temperature, to confirm whether a single heating or cooling heating work simultaneously to achieve the energy saving

Using a Large TFT Touch Screen, Easy to understand Working condition

Untitled 02.jpg
Untitled 03.jpg

With Power-Off protection function, Automatically Delayed for three minutes





Upper / Lower temperature Alarm can be set, With Over Heat Alarm

Untitled 04.jpg

Inner high quality stainless steel material



Untitled 05.jpg
Untitled 06.jpg

High quality full-enclosed air cooled compressor cooling system, low in noise, Intelligent PID automatically adjust control function

Cold liquid can be cited outside the tank, cooling the experimental container outside the bath



Untitled 07.jpg
Untitled 08.jpg

An external circulating pump can be established as second constant temperature field

Automatically identify the temperature difference, More energy saving


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