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BT-F Programmable Peristaltic Pump

Universal pump to be used in wide range of research area

BT-F Premium series of peristaltic pump adopts the advanced imported microprocessor, and cooperates with the large torque stepper motor. higher transmission accuracy, 3.5-inch high-definition LCD touch screen display and operation, simple and convenient. editable function, preset 30 groups of operation parameters, complete a complex control process. Multiple modes of work are optional , powerful, ideal for liquid timing quantitative transferring and



• 3.5-inch color LCD display, intuitive image
• Touch screen with key operation, convenient and fast
• LF-Touch-OS software system, efficient and stable, with good human-computer interaction mode, convenient
product customization and upgrade
Four working modes, flow rate, time dispensing, volume dispensing, programming dispensing (cycle)
• Five sets of dispensing parameters for volume and time dispensing pre-storage
• Programming mode supports 30 different quantitative parameter settings for complex control processes

• Reversible direction, start/stop, full speed, suction function, timed start-stop
• Accurate flow control and display, microstep algorithm to ensure the dispensing accuracy of different settings
• Wizard flow calibration function, easy to use
• Unique back suction function to prevent liquid drips
• Support for serial print parameters and data
• Intelligent temperature control function, automatically adjusting the heat according to the environment, so that the
device is always in the best state
External analog adjust speed , external control start-stop ,reversible direction, dispensing, external signal physical
• RS485 communication interface, MODBUS protocol is available, can set up communication parameters,
convenient to connect various of control equipments
• Open multiple control parameters , suitable for OEM custom applications
• The circuit board is sprayed with three anti paint technology to achieve the effect of dust proof and moisture-proof
• Super anti-interference feature, wide input voltage range, acceptable for the complex power environment
• Innovative stainless steel housing, easy to clean, effectively prevent the erosion of various organic solvents

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