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Automated Elisa Washer

An Universal and Most accurate Platform compatible with most all 96 well Elisa plates with 8 and 12 Channel Washing

The APW-200 Microplate Washer has 4.3 inch LCD display
with friendly interface, U-disk can be used to transfer the
datas between the PC and the washer or between two
washers, it can also be used to upgrade the software. The
washing head can be replaced easily for different kinds of


  • Compatible for microplates: flat, U, V, C bottom

  • 4.3 inch color LCD display, easy to operate

  • Wash parameters can be set to make sure the best washing effect

  • Support external U-disk, for program exporting

  • 100 programs can be saved

  • Uniform volume mark make it easy to measure the liquid

  • Automatic alarm for full liquid

  • Strainer in the pipeline and automatic washing functions avoid the liquid blocking the pipeline

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